Immediate BitXDR review How good is the trading bot platform?

To conclude our Immediate BitXDR review, we can easily say that it’s one of the best automatic trading platforms currently available. It offers a huge amount of features and incredible bot personalization possibilities. However, this also results in a sometimes overly complex platform that can be quite daunting, even for experienced traders. Immediate BitXDR automatic trading bots are, by far, the pivotal feature of this platform. They consist of three different types of bots including DCA bots (dollar-cost average), a trading grid bot, and an options trading bot. All of these require a different Immediate BitXDR bot configuration, which we will cover in detail further down this Immediate BitXDR trading bot review.

An important feature of Immediate BitXDR that should 1,000% be utilized and taken advantage of is the ability to do what is known as paper trading, also known as demo account trading. If you want to trade manually from one interface with boosted features, you can do it with Immediate BitXDR’ Smart Trade dashboard. On the other side, Immediate BitXDR has broader exchange support with 23 exchanges in comparison to 12 exchanges that are supported on Immediate BitXDR. CryptoTrader.Tax is a great tool, which we reviewed here, automates all of your crypto tax reporting so you don’t have to spend countless hours manually working through all of your trading histories. You can choose the trading pair for the bot to trade from the drop-down menu, and you can then instruct the bot how much of your preferred currency will be used during your initial trade.

Protect your position in the face of unforeseen market volatility by executing a strategy of selling coins and repurchasing them at a lower price. Trading bots use mathematical models and algorithms to analyze market data. They identify trading opportunities and make trading decisions without human intervention. No, you do not need to have any coding knowledge to use either platform.

Like we mentioned previously, you can set up your own Tradingview signals by connecting the app with your Tradingview alerts. The major advantage is that your Tradingview signals can include advanced indicators (MACD, Fib retracement, etc.) that are not available in the advanced bot creator. The closest resemblance to a crypto backtesting tool is the Paper Trading mechanism. This will allow you to live test your Immediate BitXDR strategy to see if it’s profitable without using real money.

They also have a custom, enterprise plan that requires direct contact with the team to arrange it. The take profit target is set in percentages and has two different types. The first one is a percentage from base trade – meaning, if you put in a 2% take profit level, the bot will close your position once the price is up 2% from the buying price.

Immediate BitXDR

It offers various features such as a smart trading terminal, smart trade, trailing take profit, and more. It supports over 16 cryptocurrency exchanges and provides access to over 12 trading bots. Immediate BitXDR offers a range of trading tools and features to help traders make informed decisions and maximize their profits.

You can choose multiple trading pairs (as many as you want) and run them concurrently. Composite bots manage your funds much better as you don’t have to create dozens of simple bots for every pair (which would mean your funds will be locked up). We recommend you to get acquainted with our trading terminal using the Paper Account mode before you start trading with real funds. We would like to remind you that the trading terminal is still in Beta and will soon be updated to present new features. In periods of heightened volatility, characterized by frequent and substantial price fluctuations, the GRID Bot emerges as a strategic asset for traders seeking to capitalize on market dynamics. This intelligent trading algorithm is adept at navigating the inherent unpredictability of volatile markets, skillfully executing trades as prices oscillate between upward and downward movements.

There is also a simplified version available for traders known as “QFL” (short for “Quick Fingers Luc”). The objective of our evaluation is to assess the trading features of Immediate BitXDR and its suitability for meeting the diverse needs of investors. If setting up a bot sounds overwhelming, you might want to use this feature first. Take Profit and Stop Loss points can automatically set to increase if a coin rises.

  • Trader’s diary is another cool feature of this tool where you get a consolidated report of the trades that you have made on all the linked exchanges through Immediate BitXDR.
  • Through Immediate BitXDR you can manage your own portfolio and also check out other traders’ portfolios for comparison.
  • The bot will automatically execute these orders based on the trader’s specified parameters, such as the size of the grid and the price range.
  • Consult an expert when making financial decisions and only invest money you can afford.
  • Besides offering everything from the Starter plan, this tier allows access to unlimited DCA bots.

Worth noting is that the Immediate BitXDR Coinbase partnership only covers the Coinbase Pro (GDAX) version of the US trading platform. This options trading bot on Immediate BitXDR includes some complex options strategies that users can tweak following their market sentiment and volatility predictions. To learn how to apply these strategies, make sure you check the exhaustive option trading bot manual on Immediate BitXDR. It’s a demanding tool to master, as it requires good knowledge of how options trading works. The last type of bot in this crypto trading bot review for Immediate BitXDR is the options bot, only available for the Deribit crypto options exchange.

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